Zkittlez Taste The Z Train Neon Green Shirt

Zkittlez Taste The Z Train Neon Green Shirt

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Official Zkittlez T-Shirt – Taste The Z Train Neon Green

These official Zkittlez T-Shirts are made from 100% premium cotton and emblazoned with the iconic Zkittlez cannabis logo in a choice of eye-popping colours.

This stylish tee is solid black and features the official Zkittlez branding in a vivid neon green colourway along with the cautionary hashtag #TazteTheZTrainBro – a hint towards Zkittlez remarkable terpene profile.

In case you’ve been living on the moon; Zkittlez is an elite strain of cannabis bred by Terp Hogz and 3rd Gen Family.
The flavours and aromas from Zkittlez are talked about by all those who have had the pleasure – vibrant, sweet and zesty like a fresh fruit salad, Zkittlez is an absolute assault on the senses. Predictably, Zkittlez has won numerous industry awards over a few years and has become a very sought after strain for cannabis seed collectors.
In recent years, other legal breeders have harnessed Zkittlez genetics and this superb strain has given rise to a huge number of cannabis varieties that are blessed to have Zkittlez as a parent – see Terp Hogz, The Plug Seedbank, Massive Creations and many other collections on PureSativa for the best Zkittlez crosses.

Fans of Zkittlez and her innumerable offspring can now declare their love with these stunning official T-shirts in a range of sizes and awesome colours.